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We take great pride in producing mini pigs for pet homes.  Our mini pigs are produced from adults who range from 10" to 16" tall.  Please note there is no such thing as teacup mini pigs, pocket mini pigs, or micro mini pigs nor do they stay under 30lbs.  We always suggest you go to the farm where your mini pig is being raised to see if a true mini is what you would like to add to your family.  

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The Teacup Mini Pigs for sale Don't be fooled by all the websites who claim they sell teacup micro mini pigs for sale from micro mini pig breeders. The websites who claim their adults are under 30 lbs are not being honest! adult pigs grow till 3-4 years of age yet breeders start breeding at 1 year of age. When micro mini pig breeders who say that your mini pigs will be any weight under 30lbs is not being honest. Even the worlds smallest pig is 28 lbs. It is best to avoid the teacup, nano, pixie pig breeders, pocket pig breeders who sell online unless you can go to their farm and see the parents. You should be more concerned about height then weight as pigs carry their weight differently then dogs. A 50 lb pig is about the size of a 25 lb dog since their bone structure is so much different than a dog.  You can expect a bulldog size pig if fed a proper,healthy pig diet.  DO NOT be fooled by someone selling their pigs for 1000s of dollars! I have seen their pigs and they have nothing different or special than many other teacup mini pig breeder.  There is a difference between Vietnamese pot belly pigs and true mini pigs.  Potbelly pigs range from 100 to 300 lbs where as minis weigh from 40 to 100 lbs.  There is no such thing as pixie micro mini pigs, nano mini pigs, teacup mini pigs, nor pocket pigs.  No reported weight of under the world record of 28 lbs has ever been reported for a mini pig that was healthy.  Lots of breeder wanting you to feed a starvation diet, this isn't ok and is animal abuse. 

WE offer tiny micro mini pigs for sale in California Northern California 

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