Sold Piglets

Piggies posted below have gone to their new forever homes.  We added any references they may leave about their babies.  At least you can see the quality of our piggies.  We will try adding any updates we get as well

For our piggy families - Please email us updates of your babies to
"Hi there it's Eve that got the little pig just wanted to thank u I love her so much didn't take long for her to get leash trained she sleeps all night an loves to snuggle"
"He's everything I wanted, Thank you so much"
"He has adjusted so well! He is the best pig that I have ever had! I love him so much"  
"He's a happy boy"
"He's so amazing"
"He's adjusting very well, already wanting to cuddle all the time"
Dunkin made it home just fine, not a single fuss coming home. he ate his food and drinking fine today. he even loves to be held and get belly scratches some times. thanks for all your work with him.

have a magical day

We are so greatful for our baby. She has been A great addition to our family. We have recommended you to others.

She is very happy. She lives going to the beach with her two chihuahuas.