Our Sows
Notes:  These are the wonderful ladies of our breeding program.  Some are still young, we are so excited to see what the future holds for them.

Dotty is an itty bitty momma.  She has such a wonderful thick coat on her.  She is 10 inches tall and produces tiny little babies that look just like her (usually) Her mom is Katie (pictured below) and daddy is Ralphy (see our boars).  She is one of the more calm piggies we have, very quiet, and stays out of mischief.  

Emma came to us by way of Florida.  She has those cute little chipmunk stripes and short little snout.  She is so stinken sweet and loves belly rubs.  She is super tiny and comes from very small lines.  Probably have a long wait on our hands before we can breed her.  It will be well worth the wait :)

Ginger is another gal who came to us from Florida.  She is so super tiny and has the cutest little short body on her.  She is sisters with our Rudy (see boar page) and is even smaller then him.  She is such an awesome color, I look forward to what she produces in the future

Hally is a jet black girl who has come along way since we got her.  She is really adjusting well and as you can see, loves to eat and root.  She is 13inches tall when not so pudgy.

Katie is a very small  momma.  She has a special oink she does to me to say hello.  She is a very sweet girl.  She is considered a tux with the white stripe over the shoulders.  Katie is 12 inches tall

Maple is an orange with black spots.  You can always find her under a fruit tree, even the fruit that is sour and none of the other pigs would touch.  Maple is still young but we expect her to max out at 13 to 14 inches tall

Meg, although appears very fat in this picture, holds her chubbiness well.  She has the shortest little legs and is just adorable! she has crystal blue eyes and does hand that down to her babies.  Meg is 12 inches tall when she isn't so chubby

Cinnamon also came to us by way of Florida.  She is a chipmunk colored mini piggy with a very short snout.  She is very young and comes from tiny lines so probably won't be having babies for a few years but we will update as she grows.  Sweetest baby in the world!

Nikki is a solid grey in color which is just stunning.  She usually has a thicker coat but this picture was taken after she blew her winter coat.  I think of Nikki as the bully of the pigs.  She has that bully appearance when you look at her face yet she is such a sweet girl.  Nikki is 14 inches tall

I so love this girl! she is NEVER into mischief.  She is such a sweet, loving gal.  She came to me from a breeder friend right here in California. She comes from smaller lines and her parents are the sweetest I have met in a long time.  Pearl should max out between 12 and 14 inches tall 

Penelope is the daughter of Daisy (see below) she is considered a tux in color.  She has an extremely short snout and is a short stocky gal.  She should max out at 13 to 14 inches tall. 

Rosie is the daughter of Sausage (see below) and Ralphy (see boar page) she is a grey with white markings.  She is very small and takes after her sibling Peanut (see boar page) Rosie is a very sweet girl, she should max out at 12 inches tall

Sausage is by far the smallest piggy I have ever seen! not only is she only 10 inches tall, she is very short body and short legged.  She has the cutest little face and such a soft grey color.  She is extremely quiet, I don't think I have ever heard her complain about anything, she just rolls with the flow.

Boots is one of our bigger gals at 16 inches tall.  She produces very cute babies that range from 12 to 16 inches tall.  She is a very independent piggy and can master any barrier you put up.  We will outsmart her one way or the other!! 

Whitney is a very short stocky 13 inch solid black girl.  She has the funniest hairdo.  her coat down her back flops over to the right which gives her the "comb over" look as if she does her hair every morning.  She is a very sweet girl and approaches everyone who comes to the farm.

Sheena is a black with white markings.  She pretty much sticks to herself but comes a running when you yell "Dinner time" She is 14 inches tall

Daisy is our very first momma piggy we got.  She came to us pregnant and taught us a lesson or two on how things need to be done.  She is a wonderful girl at 14 inches tall and a wonderful momma

Sunny is a tan with black spots gal who has a wonderful personality and look to her.  She is a little reserved to new people but does come around with treats. Sunny is 15 inches tall

Tulip is the daughter of Sunny (pictured above) yet is half her size.  Her daddy is Ralphy (see our boars page)  She is an awesome grey and definitely taking after her daddy in size.  Tulip should max out at 12 to 13 inches tall

Cali is a product of Penelope (pictured above) and Buddy (see our boar page) She started out white, as you can see in the picture, yet now is a very light, soft grey (will update picture soon) She should max out between 13 to 14 inches tall

Muffin is really turning out fantastic.  Her mom is Rosie and her grandmother is Sausage (both pictured above) Muffin's daddy is Frosty (see boar page) She is developing nicely and carrying on those tiny lines.  Muffin is a solid white and should max out between 1o and 12 inches tall. 
(Updated picture coming soon)

Tootsie is a very small chipmunk colored mini with an awesome short stocky build.  She is super tiny and comes from very small lines.  She came to us by way of Florida.  She is a very sweet girl and look forward to seeing her babies in a few years
"Jelly Bean"

Jelly Bean is out of Penelope and Frosty.  She is extremely tiny so we are holding out hope she gets big enough to be a breeder.  Only time will tell :)
These girls are the foundation of our program and we feel so blessed having each and every one of them here with us.
Phoebe is an adorable chipmunk striped little girl.  She is coming to us by way of Florida. We are so excited to see how she grows :)