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Rescues & 
             Older Piggies
Notes:  This page consist of rescues we took in who are looking for happy forever homes.  There are also some on here that never found homes from our breedings.  ALL are spayed or neutered.  No shipping on these guys.  All rescues/older piggies are 150.00 each. Our rescues are always free to our return customers

Tar is a jet black little guy.  He is approx. 13 inches tall.  He is a little shy at first.  He loves to dump his water so would make a great outside piggy for mowing or keeping another piggy company.  He is neutered and ready to go anytime.  Tar is a rescue piggy and approx. 2 years of age

Barbie is a cute little grey with spots girl.  She is spayed and although a little shy at first, she does come around.  She would be an awesome pet for someone wanting an outside piggy for their hobby farm.   Barbie is approx. 2 years old

Socks is approx 2 years old.  He is about 14 inches tall.  He is black with 2 white booty type socks on the front.  He loves to play in the pool and roll in the mud.  he is neutered and ready for a pet home.

Porky is a solid white piggy and is approx. 14 inches tall at around 2 years of age.  He has the face of a hog but a body of a mini.  He is adorable.  Loves to be outdoors grazing and playing in the pool.  He is neutered and ready for a pet home.


Rugrat is a very small pig at approx 10 inches tall.  He is also very light in weight.  He is solid black and a little shy but would come around quickly.  He can probably easily be a house piggy with his tiny body structure.  He is neutered and ready for his forever home. 

Found my forever home!

Sammy is a solid black boy.  He is very sweet and would make a great little addition to any hobby farm.  He is approx. 18 inches tall and 1.6 years old.  he is neutered and ready to go.

Rosco is a very short, chubby guy.  He is neutered.  He is approx. 1.6 years.  He generally stays to himself and loves to roam and graze.  He isn't destructive, he prefers to just graze and more graze.  Perfect for the home who doesn't want to mow.   
A rescue is a wonderful way to show your love for the minis.  Do you have a lonely mini at home who would love the company of a piggy? All return customers get the adoption fee waived.