Please read and initial all lines

______________ I do not live in an apartment nor condo.

______________ If I am a renter, I can provide landlord approval to own a pet pig.

______________ I do have a secure fenced in area or will have one before my piggy arrives. (this should be inside and out)

______________ I will, in no way, rehome my pig without breeder knowledge.

______________ I have researched mini pigs and understand there is no such thing as a teacup and they can grow to 40 to 75 lbs (size of a bulldog)
______________ I have checked my zoning and am ok to own a mini pig.

______________ I understand my deposit/payment is non-refundable (200.00) if I choose to not get my mini pig. I understand I am able to transfer to another mini pig at a later time. (sellers descretion)

______________ I will, in no way, underfeed my mini pig to keep him/her small.

Signature _________________________________________________

Date _________________ Telephone Number ___________________

Address mini pig will reside ___________________________________


We at Petite Mini Pigs are here for you. We are available 24/7 to help with any issues, questions, concerns you may have. We do know in life, things happen and you may have to rehome your pig. We are always open to taking back our babies (no refunds) and finding them a new home. Mini pigs go through a severe depression once removed from their homes. Please keep this in mind when you are considering finding your pig a home. We also have a very educational group on facebook called "Addicted to mini pigs" this group is to help you with any questions you may have or to share the love of a mini.  


Petiteminipigs@gmail 530-216-0177

Please print this page, fill out and sign.  You can either scan and email to or you can print it out, fill it out, screen shot and text it to 530-216-0177

Please note: We take placing our mini pigs in homes very seriously.  We will procesute up to the state maximum of 5,000.00 if we find any information to be falsefide. Any and all litigation will be conducted in Butte County. This is for the protection of our beloved pigs.